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travel spike, marylanders get the all clear after hurricane earl on the road and in the air this labor day weekend. it's busy and good evening, i'm adam may. hurricane earl came and went and thousands of m.d. maryland -- marylanders hit the road. this year's travel is expected to be at an all time high. >> reporter: aaa predicted more marylanders on the road than last year. 637 marylanders are expected to travel with 93% driving to the location. >> we're expecting an increase from last year.
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>> reporter: gas prices are down adding some extra incentive to get behind the wheel. maryland's average is $2.60 and that's 4 cents less than this time last week and that's lower than the entire summer. >> reporter: gas may be down, hotel rates are up and if air travel is in the plans, there will be a 9% increase. >> reporter: there's an increase in the number of marylanders expecting to fly and it's not that much. it's a 4% increase and 4% of marylanders will be flying. >> reporter: if you're extending your weekend, most stay through monday. expect a back up on the bay bridge. and regardless of where you are this weekend, if you're going to be driving, aaa recommends leaving early on monday morning or later monday evening. jessica kartalija, wjz-13 eyewitness news.
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an analysts contribute that to the good conditions and the weather isn't hurting either and the beach captain says that the surf calmed down after several days of dangerous waves caused by hurricane earl and at the beach, they reported calm conditions following the 6-foot waves. back here in baltimore, it's a pleasant evening for a cook out. what's the forecast for the rest of the weekend, bernadette woods has the forecast with the first warning doppler weather radar. well, what a gorgeous day. we want to show you the first warning doppler weather radar. we have nothing going on, we didn't see a cloud in the sky today. you can see, not much going on in most of the region, we got a taste of fall for the past few days and warmer air is
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returning. if you like the summertime air, it's coming back. well, it's the day that some people have been waiting for all summer and in just minutes, justin bieber is performing for some big fans in maryland. we're live at the state fairgrounds. derek valcourt, i can only imagine you've been surrounded by screaming teen girls. >> reporter: let me set the scene, some of the kids are on their way into the concert, beyond the fence, you can see the lines of people filing in to see the concert, it's been a chaotic day at the fairgrounds and fans, let's say, they're beyond excited that the concert is going to start at 7:00. >> i'm in love with justin bieber.
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>> he's so cute. >> he's gorgeous and his voice is like -- >> he's so talented. >> reporter: for get bieber fever, it's pandemonium, as 12,000 screaming girls lined up at 11:00 last night waiting to be the first in the gate to see him. >> i hope he sees this, i love him. >> reporter: some paid triple the original prices than online. he's a teen heartthrob, many of the parents are grinning and baring it. >> it's one of those labors of parenthood. the crowd's so big, that the traffic is a mess. the light rail is operating every 30 minutes. >> we were able to pull up here and get right on, where as, if you try to go down york road, it's a cluster of cars.
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>> he's awesome. >> he's hot! >> he's so hot! [screams] >> reporter: yeah, yeah, that's about what you'll hear all day long. lots of screaming -- a lot of the girls won't have voices tomorrow afternoon. justin will take the stage at 7:00 and most of the kids are walking in. most are already out on the field. just waiting and justin bieber has a lot of marriage proposals on posters. >> they need to hold back and wait a few years. >> that's crazy out there, thank you. with the economic set backs filing up, president obama now wants to bring back business tax credits research and development credits are designed to spurt the growth of economics and
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wednesday, he'll ask congress to extend the credits. the white house says they'll close other corporate tax breaks. tonight, investigators looking into the gulf oil spill can examine the blow out preventer. it's now in the hands of the investigators and tonight, here's the report on the answers it could provide. >> reporter: at the scene of the largest offshore oil spill in the nation's history. agents took control of a key piece of equipment, the blow out preventer could provide the answers on what went wrong. >> reporter: a gas bubble that escaped from the well exploded on the rig, it didn't prevent the blow out by sealing the pipe. as a result, 200 million- gallons of oil spewed into the gulf. it's unclear why the equipment failed, 11 workers died in the explosion.
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we need to find out not just for them, but for the industry. >> reporter: it took 29 1/2 hours to raise the device from the ocean floor. the fbi agents escorted it to louisiana where they'll analyze what happened. and bp and the coast guard say that the oil well is sealed and it's not a threat to the gulf of mexico. the impact may linger for years. and an examination of the preventer is not expected to answer why the gas escaped and exploded in the first place. car enthusiasts revved up their engines and it was the wheels for cancer event. it was to reach out to men about getting prostate cancer screenings. and still to come on wjz-13
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eyewitness news. a stinky fire, the odor spread just as far and we'll explain what burned. plus, the party crasher memorabilia, how you can own a piece of white house history. coming up on wjz-13, they're making changes to the water department and we'll explain that. ,,,,,,
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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it was stinky, a sanitation dump sets fire in new york city. it took a hundred firefighters to put out the fire. they said it smelled horrible. 3 firefighters were treated for minor injuries and the smoke was spotted from the empire state building a mile away. well, new plans to restore the chesapeake bay are presented this week. president obama ordered the epa to get a report card on the goals. the officials from maryland, virginia and pennsylvania will make the presentations thursday and friday and they'll discuss one new interesting idea that's turning man manure into energy. the department of water is trying to cover reservoirs and
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there's a federal mandate behind the event. >> reporter: water may soon disappear from baltimore city's landscape and it has nothing to do with drought. >> we're talking about covering some of the finished reservoirs, that's the bodies of water and there are a few of these around, the water is completed and finished and ready to drink. >> reporter: the new laws require for your drinking water to be shielded as it sits. it's a huge project to the tune of $36,000,000.6 million from the federal stimulus money. >> it will provide better water quality and you don't have to worry about pollen and leaves and we'll also be able to use less chlorine. >> reporter: reservoirs will be finished. it will look like a grass cover fie >> reporter: two reservoirs are
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these here at druid lake and this one. they'll be treated with ultra violet lights. >> and after 9/11, we were asked to eliminate contamination of an open reservoir. >> reporter: at what cost? >> consumers noticed the bills going up, 9% every year, that's going towards fixing the infrastructure. >> reporter: they say that the two to three year water project is flowing ahead of schedule. >> big project, they're hoping to complete the project in 2012. well, it was seen around the world and now, it's going up for auction. it was worn by the party crasher last year at the state dinner. here it is, the red and gold dress with sec wins.
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it's recommend to sell for $3000 for the haiti relief fund. she just -- well, her five minutes of fame is extended. >> well, it's a pretty dress, i do like it. >> for $3000? >> i don't know about that. >> well, a gorgeous weekend. >> it's absolutely incredible this afternoon. we have a little bit of a braise and dare to use the word crisp. this is where we sit and we're still at 77 degrees and we got to a high of 78 degrees and the winds calmed down and the humidity is low and we'll have the forecast when we return. ,,,
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welcome back, everybody; the sun is starting to set. what a beautiful weekend it has
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been so far! now, the winds were up yesterday. there's a breeze outside today and we'll lose the breeze tomorrow and it will turn to the south and that will bring back the warmth and today, we topped out at 78 degrees and the average is down to 81 degrees. we started out at 52 and we're going below that tonight. 77 now and 80 in d.c. and look at however if -- how far the dew points dropped. the sky's so blue. we were in the low 60s in oakland for the low today. you can see 10 miles per hour at hagerstown and the winds were close to 20 miles per hour this afternoon. that's quieting down and high pressure is settling on top of us and that's the high bringing the cooler air and the skies. it will dominate the forecast and the change we'll see is drifting offshore and as it does, the winds turn to the south and the warmth returns.
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and by tuesday, we're pushing 90 degrees. if that happens, we're going to break a record. during all of the stuff with earl, we matched the all plus 90-degree days. we're at 54 and if we get another, we'll break the record. both on tuesday and wednesday, we'll be close to 90 degrees and after that, we'll have a cold front. now, in the tropics, still watching the area and this was -- and the chance for it to grow is still possible once again as it drifts to the west, we have a lot more of it working in the favor. there's another area being monitored and back here, our wears are quieter and winds turning around 5 to 10 knots and we're going to 50 degrees and a lot of people in the upper 40s and tomorrow, up to 85 for the high. taking a look at the back up to
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90 degrees and tuesday and wednesday, a chance for a shower and we'll be back to 81 thursday. thank you, bernadette. and stan is here with the sports. the orioles are hoping to keep the hope alive. >> they kept the ball rolling and we'll tell you about the and we'll tell you about the o's and their big victory ,,,,,,
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well, in a few weeks, buck showalter really turned if team around. >> well, today was the 901st career victory. the orioles baseball topping
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the sports file today. the birds sought a successful victory again and they got it over the rays. cal ripken threw out the pitch of this anniversary of his playing the lou gehrig's streak. and the oh's had attar son send d, had patterson send a home run to third field. here's what the doctor ordered, brian roberts taking a flying leap. he's soring like a morning dove, know what i mean? think that was something. one fan walking along and in coming for the play of the game! off of the field, great play, a great hug from, who else, none other than the bird. the orioles beat the ray's 8-7 today. and meantime, let's go to u.s. open tennis, among today's
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fourth round winner, kim over anna and number three, venus defeated pier and for the men, topsided rafiel deneated gillis. and last night, in towson at the kick off classic, dares you rated the number two athlete in the country, he lead the greyhounds to a win over good council of washington and he ran for 142-yards and he threw and ran for a touchdown and he's narrowed his states and he's thinking about pen state and baltimore took three of four games. and in orlando today, delaware state's moore is too hot to be stopped on a 90-yard kick off
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return play in the mid-eastern athletic conference, it's a big challenge and moore looking like lenny. he won't be denied and he scored on the pass and don't blink too fast. the hornet's nest is rustled and here's the heavy escort and taking a sunday afternoon spin and all the way to the house. that's two points, by the way, for southern. and they're under the direction of mitchell. incidentally, there's another former coach who's his assistant and he'll beat delaware state 37-27. meantime, tighten up the lug nuts, 300 miles of racing in atlanta, georgia. he spins out and flaps are up and prepare for take off, it's abort and the winner is mcmurry on the nascar seen. that's sports for now, see you
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at 11:00. bernadette is writing pen state love notes. she was excited. coming up, there's a controversy over the jetblue flight attendant, did he quit or was he fired. and a student attacked by four people. we'll have the latest warning from the police. and be sure to watch csi miami at 10:00 and that's followed by news at 11:00. a california woman is spending $2 million to convert a retired 747 boeing jet into her dream home. this concept is taking off. apart from the design, the wing house will use solar power and it's expected to be complete by the end of the year. they're taking it apart and using pieces. well, stan, a florida baseball fan does, in just a few minutes, what most hope to
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do in a lifetime. earlier, this woman was enjoying watching a baseball game and a ball came in the face and then, another one and then, another one, she suffered a minor bruise to her face and be sides that, she says it was worth it. what are ,,,,,,
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